Why a DIY Sand and Polish is a Bad Idea

Contemplating a DIY Sand and polish?  Consider this first.

You’ve been wanting to DIY sand and polish your timber floors for ages. But you’re not sure whether paying a professional floor sander is really worth the investment.The DIY option seems straightforward and less expensive. And in any case, what could go wrong?Quite a bit actually. Here are 4 reasons a professional floor sander will do the job better than you ever could.

Brisbane Timber Floors have got the right equipment

Although you could hire a belt sander from your local hardware store, it’ll never achieve the results professional floor sanding equipment can.Besides being heavy and difficult to handle, bog standard belt sanders can only travel up and down your floor. Professional sanding equipment – like our Lagler Trio – can also travel across your floor. This ensures an even sand, with the flattest possible finish. Your end matched pieces can be sanded flat, and because we know how to use our equipment, there’ll be no ugly chatter marks to ruin your finish, or worse stop marks.

Brisbane Timber Floors have the skills and experience you don’t

Floor sanding and polishing equipment isn’t easy to use. Far from it. Maintaining an even pressure and travelling in consistently straight lines isn’t easy, particularly when you’ve never used a floor sander before.And then there’s cleaning up all that dust. You could use a household vacuum, but you risk leaving drag marks on your freshly sanded floor, and trapping leftover dust underneath your polish. Our sand and polish equipment is dustless, and is designed to produce the best possible results. We’re also experts at using it – can you say the same?

Brisbane Timber Floors can get it done in half the time

Do you know the most efficient way to use your hire equipment? Do you know how long it’ll take to apply the polish, and how long it’ll take to dry?What started out as a weekend job can take considerably longer when you don’t know what you’re doing. And when you’re relying on YouTube tutorials to get the job done, the chances of making a mistake are high. Then all that time, not to mention all that money, have gone to waste.We’ve been sanding and polishing Brisbane’s timber floors for over 25 years. Decades of experience mean we can sand and polish your floor in as little as two days, without risking mistakes that cost a fortune to fix. Your time and money are valuable – why waste them when we can achieve twice the results in half the time?

Brisbane Timber Floors know what your floor needs

You might think your floors just need a quick sand and a bit of extra polish. But if they haven’t been cared for properly (or have been hidden under horrible carpet for decades), some serious TLC may be in order.Your floors may need to be repaired before the sand and polish. Timber may need to be replaced and properly matched. And skirting boards and carpet underlay may need to be removed. Do you know how – and when – all that might need to happen?Professional floor sanders can assess your timber floors and provide a cost effective and long lasting solution to suit your floor’s needs. It’s the first step we take when sanding and polishing any timber floor, and one we won’t skip when we work with you. What’s more, it’s obligation free and can be arranged for a time that suits you.

Do you really want to put your time and money at risk?

Sanding and polishing your timber floors is a great investment in your home. But if you want impeccable, long lasting results, you can’t go past a professional. Besides having the right equipment – and knowing how to use it – they can get the job done in a time and cost efficient manner. Are you truly confident you could DIY Sand and Polish the same?

Ready to sand and polish your timber floors?

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