Natural Oil Floor Finishes

Want to polish your timber floors the all-natural way? With our non-toxic natural oil, you can.Think you can’t have long-lasting, hard-wearing polished timber floors without using synthetic chemicals?Think again.  Thanks to our non-toxic natural oil finish, you can reveal the beauty in your timber floors as nature intended. Safe for your family as well as the environment, it’s the greenest way to protect your timber floors.

Safe for your family, your floors and the environment

When we say non-toxic natural oil, we mean it.Our natural, non-toxic oil finish is solvent, lead, phenol and oxime-free. It’s also low in Volatile Organic Compounds – the nasty emissions released from products like cleaning agents, paint and finishes. With no odours or vapours to inhale, it’s the perfect choice if you’re living with kids, pets, asthma or allergy sufferers.And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also made from sustainable, naturally sourced ingredients like sunflower, wood and linseed oils.

Hard-wearing, long-lasting results

If your family’s anything like ours, your timber floors take quite a beating. That’s why our non-toxic natural oil finish is designed to provide results that go the distance.Designed specifically for hardwood and parquet floors, Lobasol Impact Oil is great for floors experiencing extremely heavy wear. It’s also water-resistant and anti-slip, so it can be used throughout your entire home, including high-humidity areas like your kitchen and bathroom.What’s more, our non-toxic natural oil finish is quick to apply and quick to dry, leaving you to get on with things.

Polished floors the old way

At Brisbane Timber Floors, we have taken old-time craftsmanship and blended it with modern technology. Allowing us to achieve stunning results with Burnishing Oils, and the best thing of all is, there is no smell.Rather than coat the floor with a roller, we trowel a flood coat of oil across the floor. This is allowed to soak in and penetrate the timber floor. Then we heat it, and burnish it into the wood, creating a hard, durable surface. The result is sensational. Never before has there been such a completely dust-free finish. Polyurethane is a fancy word for plastic coating. This plastic coat traps dust particles. Whilst eventually, they will track out with wear, it is impossible to achieve a 100% dust-free coat. However, when we polish your floor with burnishing oil, there is no coat to trap dust. The oil impregnates the timber and bonds to it making the timber surface tougher, rather than covering it with a skin or plastic coat.

Interior Designers & Decorators

Let your imagination run wild. With our non-toxic, natural oil floor finish, we can get quite fancy. We can add an active colour to the mix. With active colour, we apply the solution to the timber floor, and it reacts with the natural tannin in the timber. We can turn the floor naturally Grey or Brown. But it doesn’t end there. We can either put a transparent burnishing oil over that, or we can add another colour to highlight the beautiful grain of the timber. For example, we can turn the floor grey with active colour, and then apply a white burnishing oil over the top.Have a light hardwood floor and want it dark? No problem. We can turn it grey first and then burnish a black oil over it. Or even an active brown with smoked oak oil over the top.With 12 colours to choose from and two active colours, we are only limited by your imagination. However, when you add colour, it highlights inferior sanding processes. This is why we have gone to the extra lengths of training and buying specialized equipment. It’s also where our tagline comes from. Brisbane Timber Floors, Sanding at its finest. As we need to sand the floor to a much higher standard before applying colour. Something other companies are not equipped to do.Polish your floors the old-time traditional way, Call Mark now if you want more information on our Non Toxic Natural oil floor finishes.

Want a non-toxic natural oil finish in your home?

Getting started is quick and easy. Give us a call at 0428 777 592 and we’ll provide a quote over the phone. We can also answer all of your questions about our non-toxic natural oil finish – so get in touch today.Natural Oil Floor Finish