How We Sand and Polish Floors

The Process

At Brisbane Timber Floors we take sanding and polishing your timber floors seriously. So seriously that we have a patented process to prove it.Here’s your guide to floor sanding and polishing – the Brisbane Timber Floors way.

Step 1 – Exceptional equipment for exceptional results

Most floor sanding and polishing firms in Brisbane use standard equipment to get the job done. And not surprisingly, their results are, well, standard.Not us.We start with a coarse angle cut and a medium angle cut back the other way, travelling across your floor, rather than up and down it. This ensures your floor is as flat as possible, with flat-end matched pieces.Other floor sanding and polishing firms will do 2 cuts – a coarse cut, followed by a fine sand. They’ll also travel up and down the grain, rather than on an angle. This won’t flatten your floor, and it also creates cut marks, railroad lines and ‘chatter’ marks in the timber – not a good look.Our next step is to bring in the Lagler Trio. Thanks to its 3-disc planetary cutting action, it flattens your floor 30 more than belt sanding alone. It’s a process (and equipment) no other floor sanding and polishing firms in Brisbane are using, and why we’re able to produce results they can’t.

Step 2 – Focus on the fine details

By this point, your floors look great – but they could look even better.The fine marks have already been removed, but a final fine sand ensures a smooth and even finish – perfect for the polish to come.

Step 3 – A final buff before we polish

Before we add the polish, there’s one final step in our sanding process – a final sweep with the Lager Trio. This ensures your floor’s as flat as possible, with no visible marks.Once that’s taken care of, we give your floors a final buff to remove any ugly swirl marks that might ruin your finish. By using a square buff, we don’t dish out your fill – that floor sanding and polishing speak for creating a sunken look.

Step 4 – The final step in our floor sanding and polishing process – the polish

The final step in our patented floor sanding and polishing process is to protect your floors – and make them shine. We begin with one coat of sealer, followed by 2 coats of high-quality two-pack polyurethane or a UV-Cured coating. This ensures maximum shine, along with maximum protection.We also sand your floors back between each coat, creating a shine, depth and warmth that’ll last for years to come. Because we use the best quality polish available, your finish will last longer than any other, and won’t need much in the way of maintenance.

And that’s it – sanding and polishing your timber floors, the Brisbane Timber Floors way

It’s quick, it’s straightforward and it produces results that’ll (almost) last a lifetime.If you’d like to know more about our floor sanding and polishing process or would like a quote for your home, office or commercial space, give us a call. Call Mark on 0428 777 592 to get started today, or simply fill out our contact form.