UV Cured Coatings

What are UV Cured Coatings?

After a floor is sanded back, three coatings of finish are applied. After the final coat is applied, a UV machine is used to dry, or ‘cure’, the coating – literally at the speed of light! A specific kind of finish is required to use with the UV Curing machine. Hence, we have 3 options you can choose from.

Floor Coating Options

Floor Coating Options Explained

Option 1: Natural (Air dried – No UV Curing)

SR5 (Couples Grade) – This is the cheapest of the three. It isn’t as durable as the other 2 options where we use UV Cured technology. It also takes a while to dry, and fully cure. But it’s still a great finish and doesn’t have any toxic smell either. Much better than the old kind of toxic, chemical finish used traditionally in floor sanding. (We can still do that old style glossy floor finish if you really want it. But we don’t recommend it. The only benefit of it is that it allows the old-fashioned glossy shine, but it has a toxic smell.)

Option 2: UV Hybrid

SR10 (Family Grade) – The UV Hybrid option is our most popular option because it is the best value for money. We start with a sealer coat, and then add a coat of the Natural finish from Option 1 (above), then apply the super-durable UV Cured coating for the final coat. The coating is then cured instantly as the UV machine goes over it. You will be able to move in as soon as the job is finished. This option isn’t as durable as Option 3, but it is cheaper. It is also twice as durable as Option 1.

Option 3: UV Rush

SR15 (Commercial Grade) – The complete UV Cured option is the most durable. All coats of finish are UV Cured resulting in triple durability. The only downside is that the best costs more! It is the best quality grade you’ll find.

If you have any questions regarding our coating options, please feel free to get in touch.