Parquetry Sanding Brisbane

parquetry sanding BrisbaneJust like timber floors, parquetry flooring can become worn and damaged over time. But under the stains and scratches lies a floor full of potential. Here’s how we can sand and polish your parquetry, restoring and reviving the beauty and brilliance of days gone by.

Special floors require special equipment

At Brisbane Timber Floors we don’t want standard results. So we don’t use standard equipment to sand and polish your parquetry.Instead, we use a sophisticated German-engineered machine called the Lager Trio. Unlike standard belt sanders, its 3-disc planetary cutting action allows us to completely flatten your floors, without dishing out your grain or leaving directional lines behind.Standard belt sanders can only travel up and down your floor. But thanks to the Lagler Trio, we also sand across your floor. This not only levels your parquetry but sands your end-matched pieces flat, flattening your entire floor. We do a fine sand that creates a smooth and even finish, while a final buff removes any swirl marks that might ruin your finish. (Learn more about our floor sanding process)

The result is polished parquetry perfection

Because we know you won’t settle for less than the best, we finish the job with one coat of sealer, followed by 2 coats of high-quality two-pack polyurethane – or a UV-Cured coating if you prefer. We also sand your parquetry back between each coat of polish. That way, you’re guaranteed a superior finish that not only looks good but stands the test of time.  Don’t want your Parquetry polished?  We can oil it for you instead.

Ready to sand and polish your parquetry?

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