Timber Floor Sanding – Our Process at its Finest

‘Sanding at its finest’ isn’t just our tagline, it’s what we excel at. Brisbane Timber Floors has been a local floor sanding Brisbane and polishing company for decades – for over 30 years.So it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about transforming your tired, worn and damaged timber floors. We even have our own patented floor sanding process to prove it.See how we provide the results other floor sanding and polishing firms can’t.The images below show the shiny gloss that comes from using the chemical coating. If you don’t want the shiny gloss, we have the Modern Matt finish with the Super Touch UV-cured coatings which you can see here.

Our Floor Sanding Process

Most floor sanding & polishing firms rely on traditional machinery and belt sanding alone to flatten your floors. Not us.Thanks to the Lagler Trio, we can flatten your floors 30 more than by belt sanding alone. Combined with a coarse angle cut and a medium angle cut back the other way, it ensures the flattest finish possible, with flat-end matched pieces.We do a fine sand and final sweep with the Lagler Trio which creates a smooth, flat and even finish. The square buff removes any ugly swirl marks that might ruin your finish.

Floor Polishing – We don’t just sand your floors – we also make them shine

Once your floors are as flat and smooth as possible, we apply the finish of your choice. Using our patented 3-stage sand back system, we also sand your floors back between each coat. This not only ensures a superior shine but guarantees a finish that lasts longer and requires very little maintenance.brisbane floor sanding 

Looking for floor sanding & polishing but won’t settle for less than the best?

Then give us a call on 0428 777 592. We work in Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast and are ready to tackle your timber floors today.Brisbane Timber Floors – Floor Sanding Brisbane at its finest.