Brisbane Timber Floors, Why we say, Sanding at its finest.

Brisbane Timber floors, Why we say, Sanding at its finest.

When Sanding & Polishing a timber floors, most assume that all companies will Sand and Polish their floor perfectly flat and clean, and leave it at that, and then just price shop assuming all floor sanders in Brisbane are equal. Nothing could be further from the truth.In reality most companies are trying to do the least amount of work possible and use the cheapest polish they can get their hands on. How do we know this? Well the major suppliers tell us what everyone uses, and the news isn’t good for the consumer.

The Standard sanding process.

What you get with most other companies: The Standard Process.Most of the time they won’t even do an angle cut, it’s just straight up and down the grain.Then they try and over buff the floor to get rid of the horrible rail road lines and severe chatter marks. But this dishes out the grain and chips away at the fill in the floor also, leaving it looking sunk. It also leaves swirl marks in the finish.Then they try and get away with 2 coats of the cheapest, thickest ugliest polish they can buy.That’s what you get for a cheap price. This will usually cost you around $27 M2. For what you actually got, this is expensive! Then up to $35 M2 you may get a third coat but a very similar sanding process. Still no Trio! This is insanely expensive, because they have only done half a job, and they are almost the same cost as the perfect process. Or you get a water based company charging you even more than it would cost for you to get us to do it properly and they pour milky water on your floor that won’t protect the timber, and your floor is still not flat.

Sanding at its finest.

At Brisbane Timber Floors, we say Sanding at its finest and here’s why! Not only do we use the best materials money can buy.We don’t skimp on anything.What you get:
  • Course angle cut 40 degrees.
  • Medium angle cut 15 degrees.
  • Medium Trio – Three disc sander
  • Fine cut with the Grain
  • Fine trio cut – three disc sander
  • Polivac screen
  • American Square buff for Swirl free finish.
  • But it doesn’t end there.
We apply a bond breaking Sealer coat. Then a coat of a full commercial grade Two-pack polyurethane. The cleanest, clearest, hardest polish money can buy. Then on day 2, we have a three stage sand back between the coats. So as you can see, we are very transparent, when it comes to what you are getting for your money.We are incredible value for money. As all other sanders are basically doing half a job, yet they are nowhere near half our price, yet they should be. Call now for a free quote, you’ll be amazed at how affordable quality is. No other method can transform your timber floor like Brisbane Timber Floors can.Mark Jolley.