Timber Floor Installation Brisbane

(Due to popular demand, we only install floors above 100 m2 in area.  Whilst we do sand and finish smaller areas, we no longer install small areas.  Sorry.)

Timber floor Installation Brisbane is quick and easy with Brisbane Timber Floors.

Wood floor installation doesn’t have to be time consuming, expensive or stressful. In fact, with Brisbane Timber Floors, it’s everything but!

How does our timber floor installation process work? We get in, get the job done, and get out of your way

Thanks to decades of experience, our timber floor installation process is quick and easy. Here’s how we’ll install an 80mm x 19mm solid tongue and groove timber over your concrete slab:

Before, Carpet.

We’ll start by pulling up your tired old carpet and underlay and removing the spikey edge from the perimeter.

Concrete slab

We remove the old skirting boards.

Black Plastic

Next we’ll install a 200mm black plastic vapour barrier – this will help prevent moisture damage from rising damp.

Sub Floor

Once that’s done, we’ll install a 15mm thick pine ply sub floor – we use ramsets to fasten it to the concrete slab so there’s no risk of movement over time.

Secret nail T & G

At Brisbane Timber Floors we’re all about attention to detail, which is why we then secret nail the tongue and groove to your sub floor – we use secret nail profile T & G for this step.

Coarse Sanding

Now that your timber floor’s been installed, it’s time to make it shine. We’ll start with a coarse sand to ensure it’s completely level.

Sanding at its finest

We’ll then use our patented floor sanding process to bring out the grain in your newly installed timber floor. As our tag line says, Sanding at its finest.


Last but not least, we’ll polish your timber by applying a two pack polyurethane finish. Your new timber floors will have the depth, shine and warmth you’ve always dreamed of, along with the protection they need to last a lifetime.

And that’s it – timber floor installation in as little as a couple of days.

Our timber floor installation prices start at just $60 per square metre. (Nailing to existing sub-floor – Supply not included)

What’s more, our services can be fully customised, ensuring you get the timber floor finish of your dreams.  Regardless of what timber you supply, we can sand and finish or colour to your s desired outcome. Including the latest UV Cured Polyurethane, for that ultra tough finish, for unmatched durability.

So whether you need beautiful new timber floors installed in your home, office or commercial space, call Brisbane Timber Floors on 0428 777 592 for an obligation free quote today.

Click here for a copy of our “Timber floor installation contract.”